Les Burons Carp Fishing in France

The lake at Les Burons was restocked in 2004In 2003 Rob and Lin Parrish arrived at Les Burons with a dream of turning their stunning lake into a great place for exclusive carp fishing in France. A year later, after some hard work, determination and a huge investment in the best fish they could find, their dream came true, when in 2004, Les Burons opened its gates to provide exclusive carp fishing holidays.

Ten years on, they are still working hard, but living their dream in the beautiful surroundings that Les Burons offers. Their four and a half acre lake and record-breaking fish keep them busy all year round, but they love their work and their home and enjoy sharing their dream with fishermen from all over Europe, many of them regulars, who return year after year torelax and enjoy their carp fishing in France.

Rob and Lin bring exclusivity to their French carp fishing holidays, with only one party booking at a time. Whether there are two of you or six, you will enjoy an exclusive carp fishing experience at Les Burons, with a maximum of twelve rods allowed. Bait and hand-rolled boilies are available at any time, and Lin offers home-cooked meals every day!

Join them in their tenth year in one of the most stunning locations for carp fishing in France. Easily accessible from all the major North France ports, you are only a few hours away from an exclusive carp fishing holiday that will keep you coming back again and again.

To celebrate their landmark anniversary, Rob and Lin have teamed up with FishingFerry.com to give you 10% off your crossing costs. Take advantage of this great offer and enjoy exclusive carp fishing in France this year.

Take a look at some of the highlights of the past ten years. Rob and Lin are proud of their achievements and are delighted to be sharing them with you here. Les Burons - the home of great carp fishing in France.

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For information and booking contact:

Robin & Linda Parrish
Les Burons
St Berthevin La Tanniere
53220 France

Tel. 00 332 43052683
Fax. 00 332 43052683
email roblin@wanadoo.fr

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